Do not buy from mesh computers

Some of the work I do is unsupported by our slightly bland, corporate IT people. If it’s not on the (microsoft) list, it’s not coming in. I’ve been running my linux / R / ggplot combo on a 6-year old server I had kicking around, and as the datasets were getting bigger it was time for an upgrade.

The internet is full of tales of woe and poor customer service from Mesh. I thought I would be lucky. I wasn’t. Please do not under any circumstances attempt to buy anything from mesh computers. It will shorten your life and reduce the sum total of human happiness. PC Pro are only able to offer them the occasional spot on their ‘A’ list because they don’t have to deal with such an appalling business as a normal punter.

I bought two. They’ve sent one. Broken. They don’t answer the phone, and the web form you can use to request help is *broken*. It is literally unbelievable. Now. Deep breath. Back to a planning blog.

Last time. Do not buy from mesh computers. The internet is (in this case) true.

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