Unimplemented Planning Permissions

Today the LGA’s tame number crunchers published some stats on unimplemented planning permissions. You can see for yourself here.

It’s an important dataset, because it helps us to understand whether the planning system is delivering permissions at the rate required to support housebuilding (or not). The data focuses mostly on major schemes (10 units+) so it’s not complete. It fails to model the smaller infill schemes that form a sizeable part of the growth mix.

I like LG inform, and I like how easily I can extract the data and play with it. For me it makes sense to look at these things in proportion – you would expect busy councils to have more sites in the pipeline than quiet councils. Rather than look up growth figures I quickly and easily compared the number of dwellings underway with those yet to start. There is a really big range here.

Croydon and Bromley

Bromley have 2416 dwellings underway, and only 100 not started. That equates to a development pipeline of 4%

Croydon have 596 dwellings underway, and 2085 not start. That equates to 350%

When I see figures this disparate from neighbouring councils I start to wonder whether it’s worth spending any more time on analysis.

2 thoughts on “Unimplemented Planning Permissions

    • Hello Felicity. This post was written very quickly and probably sounds more snooty than I meant it to.

      I think the point I was trying to make is that both councils have 2500 dwellings in the dataset – and it just doesn’t make sense for the proportions of underway / not underway to be this different. My statty spider senses tell me something is not right here.

      By comparison, and just lifted quickly from the FALP,

      Bromley net additions to stock 2012/13 = 690
      Croydon net additions to stock 2012/13 = 890

      So, according to the Glenigan dataset, Bromley have about 4 years worth of housing underway ? and the consented land supply will last about 6 weeks ?

      And there are many other weirdnesses if you compare underway to pipeline (unless I’ve done something wrong which is always a very real possibility).

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