Re-Thinking Planning

Earlier this year we did some sector-led work based on Systems Thinking. We’ve completed the work with 3 councils and have made a set of case studies and filmed some interviews with the staff involved. Each council is achieving improvement and excellent customer feedback in slightly different ways by re-thinking how they deliver their planning services. Here’s a taster of what the councils themselves said about the work;

“Case officers now feel it is their system… they own it… and take opportunities to change it”.

“…put good staff in a rubbish system, the system wins every time… put practitioners in charge of changing the system… and empower them to make sure the system works for them and the customer.”

“We don’t see it as a one off project… or a change management project… it’s more fundamental. It is a mind-set and a way of operating.”

“Overall it is speeding things up… every step is assessed for the value it is giving rather than being needed for any bureaucratic purpose.”

“Customers are pleased… getting decisions so quickly… Officers decide ‘is it going to give the customer a better experience’… they’re customer, not procedure-focused’.

“…there’s an assumption it’s difficult and needs lots of money… you can free up so much time by doing only what your customers want and concentrating on getting it right first time.”

 The case studies and interviews are available here.


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