You are not alone

This blog isn’t about a Michael Jackson song – although it may well be in your head now. It’s aimed at helping you care and share.

Derek Trotter was occasionally wise. I agree that ‘no man is an island’ – and this goes for work as well as relationships.

Sometimes the obvious needs stating: Whatever it is you’re working on or trying to figure out; it’s likely someone else in planning has gone through the same thing. The beauty of communication, including social media, is that you are encouraged to tap into the brains of other humans.

If you have a quandary, that your co-workers can’t shed much light upon, then do post it on our forum, hosted on the Knowledge Hub. Over 2,300 folk interested in planning are members, so that’s a lot of brains which may be able to assist. One post ‘Persistent Under Delivery and the NPPG’ has had 8082 views and 49 replies!

I am biased, but asking PAS is another route. Our consultants work regionally so check the ‘Meet the team’ section on our website to see who covers your region. Or if you’re unsure, email: We’ve supported around 90% of LPAs in England over the last 12 months – we’d like to support 100%.

Lloyd Alexander

Do you know if there’s a regional planning group in your area? These are wonderful forums to ideas share/problem solve and can even help with that oh so tricky duty to cooperate. If you’re unsure, then contact us. If there isn’t one, maybe set one up?

A more hit-and-miss route is Twitter. If you’re not a Tweeter, then I recommend giving it a go… follow fellow planners (including PAS)… and see about building a trusted network that way. We have almost 1,500 followers and love to hear what our audience thinks of what we do and how we do it.

Of course, there are other forums, LinkedIn etc. that you can tap into – but from my experience you’re better off sticking with just a few sources, otherwise you can get overloaded.

The message of this blog is that you’re only ever a phone call, email or a click or two away from reaching someone who shares your planning joy/pain. Platforms are there to be tapped into, so it seems unwise not to.

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