Five year land supply survey

Every year we do a survey of planning authorities. Our reasons are selfish – we want to know what is keeping people awake at night so we can change what we do.

This year, we chose land supply. There are some very clear messages for our work (don’t worry – we’re listening) but also some surprises.


8 thoughts on “Five year land supply survey

  1. supply and demand are simple concepts – either build more houses or prices will become impossible. where? all this fuss about Green Belt means that unless we scrap factories and other industrial areas, nothing will get built. let’s get real. lots of GB boundaries are frankly stupid. a list of non-conforming users would be a place to start.

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  4. We need to remove the uncertainty between the Liverpool and Sedgefield approaches as soon as possible! Please seek to resolve this. I am willing to contribute to the debate so please let me know if more information is needed

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