Top Ten Lists

It’s coming up to that time of year when the music industry starts going into list frenzy.  The Observer music monthly has already trotted out its (patchy IMO) take on the ‘best’ records of the decade and countless magazines and blogs and such will be dishing out their top ten, twenty or 100 records of 2009 mining varied streams of popularism and obscurity.  I thought the old top ten model might be a useful method for looking back on PAS ‘releases’ over the last year.

Maybe you’ve thought about an in-house planning top ten for ’09?  Ranked by s106 contribution? Design/aesthetics? Member/community support? Things that actually got built?

Anyway, here’s my take on a PAS top ten for ’09 – A mix of charting pop singles, debut acts showing promise and classic ol’ favourites rolled around again in time for Christmas:

10.  An introduction to local governance

A great introduction to the constantly changing raft of things going on in the wider local government sector and how they relate to planning.

9.       Using social networking sites in public consultations: Trafford

Nicely short and sharp case study on Trafford’s use of Twitter and Facebook. Something people keep on coming to, months after it was first published.

8.      Local Development Orders

Six groups trialling the use of local development orders as part of a more  proportionate approach to planning.

7.      Leadership Academies

It’s been a sold-out run of events this year for leading councillors working in Planning, housing and economic development.  Councillors are critical to delivering successful outcomes through planning and hopefully these events are helping them lead the way.

6.    LDF Project Management Support

Support from PAS on applying project management principles to keep the LDS  on track. The most popular of our direct support modules

5.     Infrastructure Planning & Delivery support

Massively in-demand information and support for infrastructure planning. 

4.    Knitting Together: planning for ageing population

A call to action for planners to do more for our ageing population drawing on work already being done by some councils.

3.    Pragmatic Planning event series

A new audience for PAS.  Watch this space for more information and resources to support planners who aren’t working at a management level but are crucial to successful delivery.

2.    Managing Excellent Planning Services (MEPS) programme

I think MEPS (ah) rocks. Was really impressed with the buzz of energy it has created – especially at the Birmingham event. I’m really hopeful that councils will get involved as I think it really shows the way forward. This is also where we made our first stab at video interviews, too.

and drumroll…..

1.   Discussion forums

The forums started to take off this year.  LOTS of people looking and a few super helpful folks getting really involved.  Take the time to post a question or a response.  Help yourself and everyone else who’s in the same lot.

Bonus top 10: favourite records of 2009

These rays of light emerged through the overwhelming fog of old jazz LPs, modular synth buzz, This Heat’s ‘Deceit’ and Scott Walker’s ‘The Drift’: 

10. Elephant Micah – Exiled Magicians (Time-Lag/Third Uncle LP/CD)

9. Kevin Drumm – Imperial Horizon (Hospital Productions CD)

8. Jim O’Rourke – The Visitor (Drag City LP)

7. Bill Wells & Maher Shalal Hash Baz – GOK (Geographic CD)

6. Emeralds – Solar Bridge (Hanson LP)

5. NikaSaya – One Summerheim (Someonegood CD)

4. The Balky Mule – The Length of the Rail (FatCat CD)

3. Broadcast and the Focus Group investigate Witch Cults of the Radio Age (Warp LP)

2. OneohTrix Point Never/Dolphins into the Future – various titles (cassettes)

1. Richard Youngs – Like a Neuron (Dekorder LP)

One thought on “Top Ten Lists

  1. Of course discussion forums come up #1 for you John. It’s a shame we didn’t have anything big for Climate Change this year. But there are huge expectations for 2010…

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