No stupid questions

We’re trying a bit of an experiment. Be good to have your feedback/comments.

A good number of the comments on our web survey talked about the discussion forums. There was much love for the benefits they bring to the sector, but also some useful suggestions for how we might take them forward. Some of the comments suggested that it would be good to be able to post things anonymously – that part of the reticence people have is linked to not wanting to come across as daft or wanting to reveal which council they’re from.

Without wanting to heavily invest in some tech changes only to have this concept not fly we’re trialling it first by creating a new forum – “There are no stupid questions” – and encouraging people to post anonymously or under a pseudonym.

So don your thinking cap – come up with a funny name – bonus points for the best one – and maybe even a prize – and ask that question you’ve had thats been disturbing your sleep. No one needs to know it was you.

No Stupid questions forum

Register a new anonymous a/c
(you need to use a different email address if you are already registered)


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