Google results for council planning

Another great post over at the SVN blog from 37signals today on how Google displayed page sections better than sites themselves. The insight paid back immediately. I googled Allerdale as I’m hoping to go and talk to Jill Elliott about the good work they are doing on implementing a development management approach. On Google, planning comes up as the top section:


However, click through to Allerdale’s site and its a whopping 15 or so items down the page. I’m not doing this to pick on Allerdale. Its just the example that ‘happened’. It does make me think it’d be worth all council’s taking a look at what google throws up to try and understand if their own homepage is working? How’s does yours compare?

We can’t really boast. Our homepage for some inexplicable reason is currently not showing up in Google at all! Certainly something to sort out.

Speaking of things to sort out. Thanks also to everyone who completed our website survey. It’s now closed and we’ve compiled the results. We should be publishing a report shortly. There are a number of things we’ve got to get on with to make things better for you. Some of that we can do and will do very soon! Others might take a bit longer… But we certainly appreciate the feedback and honest comments from everyone – look forward to a few tweaks to the site over the coming months and hopefully the imminent return of our homepage to Google!

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