LDF support for LPAs – now is the time!

The new PAS Self Referral Programme of LDF Support

PAS are making a range of support available to all local planning authorities (LPAs) of England to help them produce their local development frameworks. 

This is a great opportunity for local authorities to get free or least heavily subsidised support, advice or help in challenging areas of producing a LDF.

Why are we doing this?

With the hope of an economic upturn on the horizon there is a real need for local authorities to make sure that there are spatial plans in place to support and not hold back economic growth and community development.  We recognise that these and future times are testing for local authorities, with limited resources and challenging timescales. So we have tried to make this offer of support as accessible as possible to local authorities; in how it can be accessed, used and delivered.

We recognise that each authority is different, the challenges and processes are similar across authorities but the content and outcomes are specific to an authority.  With this in mind, the support that we provide is not off the shelf packages of training but need to be specifically tailored, giving hands on advise and delivering work, on practical issues and actions that an authority is having to undertake.

All the packages of support, including delivery materials and advice are freely available for anyone to take from the PAS website and use themselves or we can arrange delivery for an authority or group of authorities.  We have a group of experienced trained providers available to deliver all the support packages with an authority.  PAS will subsidise the cost of delivering the support package by our trained providers to at least 75% of the cost, possibly even totally subsidized depending on an authorities requirements.  

What’s in it?

PAS has delivered over 200 packages of support around the LDF within a limited group of local authorities since 2006 and we are now opening up access to this support to all the LPAs in England.

The topic areas that the packages cover have been recognized through the delivery of over 100 diagnostics of LPAs LDF delivery processes and these areas have been regularly highlighted as issues.

The support available covers:

  • evidence base
  • LDF project mangement
  • LDF member training
  • sustainability appraisal
  • options generation and appraisal
  • producing a common spatial vision
  • delivering LDF community engagement

 Each area of support is tailored to an authorities needs and can last from 1 to 6 days, delivered over an extended period of time, and could cost an authority nothing to £1.5k depending on your requirements.

The potential costs of each packages to an authority are:

  • Producing a Common Spatial Vision – up to £950 for a maximum of 4 days
  • LDF Community Engagement – up to £1000 for a maximum of 4 days
  • LDF Project Management – up to £1400 for a maximum of 6
  • Evidence Base – up to £1450 for a maximum of 6 days
  • Option Generation and Appraisal – up to £1450 for a maximum of 6 days
  • Sustainability Appraisal – up to £1000 for a maximum of 4 days
  • LDF Member Training up to £375 for a half day session

How to access the support

If you are interested in accessing any of the support packages noted please contact PAS at pas@idea.gov.uk to discuss your requirements and we will be able to arrange the support as you require.

Future areas of support

We will be looking into producing other new packages of support in the future that authorities will be able to access.  We are presently testing support modules around better understanding of spatial planning for planners, other heads of services, elected members and LSP members, and producing infrastructure development plans.  If there are any other areas of support that you feel would be useful please do let PAS know by dropping me a message at PAS at pas@idea.gov.uk 

If you are progressing the production of your authorities LDF, I wish you all the best in the vital area of work and hope that PAS can be of help to you.


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