Face Value

I spent nearly 8 hours in transit yesterday. I had a 40 minute meeting in the middle. It was worth every second. Why? As part of our direct support here at PAS, we aim to speak to more councils directly. Face to face contact is really important. I found out that Richmondshire is getting on with things. There are 1.5 fte staff working on the LDF. They used clever marketing and communications. They upped the number of consultation responses from 100 to 1,600. 

There may well be things we can help them with. We will carry out one of our diagnostic visits. I feel certain this will uncover a lot of good practice. Local authorities need skills. More importantly, I feel, they need confidence. Through our direct support, we can uncover good work already going on. Many authorities seem to shrug off the work they do as ‘the day job’. This may well be true. But just because one person thinks something is obvious, it doesn’t mean everyone will. It is our job to help share this knowledge. It is our job to get out there and see it first hand.

I look forward to my next journey.


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