Website content categories

Just a quick update to my earlier post on our move to a new website platform before I disappear on two weeks leave.  Having moved a bunch of the content over I became increasingly frustrated with the categories I’d set out and annoyed by the lack of obvious meaning or direction in the ‘Knowledge’ heading…  so a revised approach seemed in order.

 In a stroke of nice timing, Richard had just sent around an early cut of his ‘Planning grand unification theory’ that’ll he’ll probably be sharing here before long… It’s helped shape the new approach. The following categories and some (non-exhaustive) examples of what content would go under them appears below.  This has had a little discussion here but not massive amounts yet. 

Does it make sense to you?  Let me know what you think.  I look forward to exploring more how this works when I get back from leave, so put your thoughts in the mix.

making plans – ldf guidance (Soundness self-assessment toolkit, Common Vision, SHLAA, Support modules), Plan Making Manual, infrastructure, planning together, local development orders, CIL
application handling – constructive talk: pre-app guidance, …
compliance and delivery – enforcement, s106 monitoring & discharge, …
management and performance – BPI/BVPI stuff, collaboration, area based decision making, customer/stakeholder workshop tool ..
peer support – SPP, Peer Review, Becoming a peer
climate change – climate change guidance, quiz
planning in context – DM guidance & discussion doc,
councillors – training modules, leadership academy, skills framework
Case Studies:
making plans – ldf case studies, PMM case studies, planning together case studies
application handling – Reading & Camden case studies,
compliance and delivery – blots on the landscape,
management and performance – BVPI stuff, managing enforcement, finding the flow, getting it right first time, forthcoming new unitary pen portraits
climate change – case studies (eg/ dover)
planning in context – Beacons case studies, Plan & Deliver, E&D case study, G&T

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