On the other side…

I’ve just moved house.  Back in at work, back aching from lugging box after box from one borough to its neighbour –  i figure it’d be wise to use my lunch break to call up my new council and sign up to pay my council tax (too keen!).  I ring the number listed on their website for council tax (I can’t find a way to sign up online).  I’m advised there is a long wait.  I hang up and ring the separate number listed for waste etc – I do need some of those bags for recycling  – and maybe they can tell me about the council tax…  I couldn’t request the bags online – only fill in a form for someone to contact me.  Curiously, on the phone the friendly person takes a few simple details from me and job done. Why it couldn’t be done online without reference to a need to contact me has me at a loss.

I ask about paying council tax.  Sorry, you’ll need to speak to the council tax dept.  I dive back into the press-button joy field, make a wrong choice, hang-up, call again.  Clearly the *WARNING – LONG WAIT* scare tactics have worked because within a few rings I’m through to someone (Bully for them, service level target met there!).  I explain what I want but “Unfortunately as all of the other agents are busy I will have to arrange for someone to call you back”. 

I’m baffled.  I’ve only got a short slot of lunch hour left.  I’m through to someone who could possibly help me (its the other agents that are busy, this one is talking to ME!) – but they are proposing that the best way I can be helped is to ring me back when I’ll be unable to speak to them!  Frustrated I hang up, no longer so keen to start paying council tax if that’s the way they’re going to spend it…

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