beyond the birthday cake

The PAS website turned a sprightly 2 years old back in February.  I bought it a cake. (Well actually a selection of small ones from Comptoir Gascon). But its certainly time we looked beyond the joy that its still around and people find it useful and invest some energy into how we can make it better. 

Not content with their success, our friends in the IDeA mothership re-launched IDeA Knowledge in April.  Sure it looks a lot prettier, but they’ve also undertaken some fundamental research to make sure that it works for their users – and thats the task we’ve now got ahead of us. 

Some interesting (?) things about our registered users.

At the moment we’ve got more than 3000 people registered on the PAS website.  Obviously, with the state of staffing in planning departments across the country a good chunk of those people have since moved to another council or across to ‘the other side’ in the private sector.  With that in mind its heartening to see that:


  • 20% of that 3k+ have visited the site in the last month ( may 2008 )
  • 45% have visited the site since the start of 2008.

Also curious to see that:

  • 1% of registered users list ‘Councillor’ in their job title.
  • 69% of registered users are from Councils*
  • 59 people from the IDeA/PAS/LGA are registered*
  • 98 people across Communities/CLG, Government Offices, PINS, audit commission etc are registered*

* based on registered email address domain and some hasty filtering!

Over the next month or two we’ll be contacting those people who use our site (and those that we wish would!) to try and find out what it is they want it to do, what kind of information, support and guidance they want – and get some ideas on how we can make it even easier for them to find it.

If you’ve got some ideas/thoughts/complaints about any of that – get in touch (john.chantler[at] or leave a comment below! 




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